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Buying a pre-owned piece of equipment can involve a lot of unknowns. Here at Superior Services, we have been providing peace of mind in pre-owned self-propelled applicators for over 25 years. Every machine is tested, serviced and tested again. We inspect everything from the engine and transmission, to the lights and AC.

Featured Equipment

With used floaters for sale set up as dry or liquid, as well as combo units and chassis, we can help you find what you need!

Everything from liquid tanks and booms to air spreaders and spinners.

Engines, transmissions, cabs, tires, tanks, controllers, and much more.


We value good, ole-fashion straightforward business, and we want to make sure that you get a machine that will last, at a price that fits your budget.


We tell you what we are going to do, then we do it. No fine print. No games. Our reputation for being straightforward is one of our most valuable assets.


Because we thoroughly inspect and repair each machine, you can worry less about breaking down in the field during go time.


Looking for a specific machine with a particular system and options? Even if we don't have it, we can still help find a solution that fits your needs!

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