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Delivering Peace of Mind For Over 20 Years


Buying pre-owned machines can cause some stress and gray hairs when you find out there is a problem you didn't know about at the time of purchase. Our goal is to fix machines thoroughly, and be able to vouch for their quality when they arrive at your location. Our extensive process ensures that we go through the entire machine and fix everything that we find.

Our first step in the process is a test drive, covering many different aspects of the machine, including; engine performance, transmission and shifting, AC, lights, cab functions, and much more. We also check the tire pressure, change the oil and check for any foreign materials in it, and perform many other functional tests. 

The next step is to fix up everything we found in the test drive. And by everything, we do mean everything. Even if it's marginal, we want to make sure it gets fixed. This step can take some time, but upon completion, the machine is in great condition and ready for the second test drive.

During the second test drive, we watch for any other problems that may have been missed before.  We also pay special attention to the parts of the machine that we already fixed, to ensure that the repairs were successful. Once everything is fixed, the machine is then given any necessary cosmetic adjustments.

Lastly, we test the system that is currently set up on the machine, as well as the controller to make sure that everything is operational and functioning.

With these extensive tests, we are confident that we have a machine that has been fully checked over, and is free of any problems we can find. Being straightforward and honest is our number one priority. We want you to know what you are getting when you buy a machine from us, and hope that you expect the same quality and standard as we do.

Our Story

Dave Ockenfels has been around agriculture for his entire career.  after graduating from Iowa State with a degree in Agronomy, he spent 2 years as an agronomist in Nebraska before returning to Iowa and purchasing Wellman Farm Center, a local custom application business. He operated Wellman Farm Center for 16 years, and it allowed him to learn more about the fertilizer and self-propelled application industries. In 1996, he founded Superior Services, and has been providing high-quality solutions for used equipment ever since.

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